The Centro de Iniciativas Turísticas of Tierras Altas (Tourist Initiatives Center of the Highlands, e.i., CIT) is a non-profit association focused on the promotion of tourism in the region of the Highlands, Soria. Several activities and initiatives have been planned and executed in order to develop positively the tourism field in our region.

Several goals have been set to achieve this:

  • To present the most relevant requirements and suggestions to the authorities and entities, for them to contribute to the improvement of the tourist plannification and promotion of the region of the Highlands, Soria.
  • To contribute and watch over the conservation and protection of the heritage of the region in general and, in particular, of its landscape, local architecture, rural community and environmental conditions, while improving and highlighting the particular values of each tourist area, town, sector and place.
  • To encourage and ensure the fulfilment of the urban development regulation as well as the observance and preservation of traditional architectural styles and the monumental elements from each period and place. A dialogue climate is to be created for new buildings to keep harmony with the natural and environmental frame in which they are located.
  • To promote and advertise the resources and turistic services of the region. Improving the systematization of the information and the comerzialization of the tourist offer through the use of new technologies.
  • To promote the creation of additional tourist facilities and the improvement of the required facilities.
  • To encourage different cultural, artistic, sport and leisure events and activities, according to the particularities of each area and the features of visitors in order to increase their capacity of entertainment and enjoyment.
  • To guide all kinds of private initiatives related to the growth and improvement of the tourist services in the region of the Highlands of Soria.
  • To promote and advertise the tourism resources and services of the region of the Highlands of Soria throughout publications and other promotional materials, as well as the construction of tourism information offices.
  • To improve the training of the people in charge of the management of tourism businesses and services, creating the necessary means and resources for a profitable training.
  • To implement the use of new technologies in order to improve the systematization of the information and the marketing of the offer.
  • To watch over the increase of quality standards - environmental and service-related – and the image of the region, so they fit with the demand and market as well as with the fulfilment of tourism regulations.
  • To contribute to the promotion of tourism flow towards the autonomuos region of Castilla y León, the province of Soria and the region of the Highlands.
  • To promote and spread the historical, cultural, traditional, gastronomical, environmental and economic values of Castilla-León, Soria and the region of the Highlands of Soria, especially their paleontological, archaeological and historic-artistic heritage, their architectural values, ethnographic richness and the promotion of their mycological and hunting resources while preserving the silence and peace as protected tourism values.
  • And, in general, to manage, promote and develop any tourist activity or initiative that contributes to the region sustainability and the prosperity of its inhabitants.

  • © Tourist Initiatives Center of the Highlands (Soria, Spain) 2009